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 Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD)

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Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD) Empty
PostSubject: Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD)   Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 14, 2013 10:17 am

Q: What are they?

A: They are files uploaded on websites that allow you to upload your files.

Q: How can I use them to hack a website or deface it?

A: Most of them don't accept php and html so check if it accepts them.

If it does, upload your shell (php) or your defacement (html or php)

depending on what the site allows and you have hacked it!

If it doesn't accept these file types you can either upload your
defacement as an image or you can upload your shell as shell.php.jpg and
then change it to shell.php once uploaded (A tut for that could be

Q: Is there another way to use these?

A: you can upload your jdb or phish passwords pretending to be the owner of the site.


OpenCart vulnerability

1) Use this google Dork:
Index of /fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/
2)Now open a site that shows files and folders. Navigate to connectors if it's not there already and press the file test.html

3) Now, change the settings from ASP to PHP, select where your file will
be uploaded (default is root), browse your shell and press upload. Now
you have a shell uploaded!

4) If it doesn't let you upload php, upload your deface in html or if
that's disabled too, try uploading it as an image or use some special
shells with image extentions.

5) If none of these work then your target is not vulnerable!


Drupal Remote File Upload Vulnerability

1) Search this google dork:

inurl:"/imce?dir=" intitle:"File Browser"
2) Click on any link that its title is "File Browser" among with something else

3) Click on the "Upload" button

4) Upload your Deface Page

5) Click the link in the box to View the URL

You can also upload a shell as shell.php.html and then change it to shell.php to hack the website.


RTE Webwiz Vulnerability

1) go to google.com and search one of these two google dorks.

2) When you find a site change the url from

site.com/rte/my_documents/my_files/something or site.com/my_documents/my_files/something
site.com/admin/RTE_popup_file_atch.asp or site.com/rte/RTE_popup_file_atch.asp
3) from there you will be able to upload your deface!


AJAX File Upload vulnerability

1st. use one of these 3 dorks:

intitle:Max's AJAX File Upload - AJAX F1
Powered by AJAX F1
intitle:File Uploader intext:Powered by AJAX F1
2nd. Choose a site and upload a shell. (google C99.php for a good shell)

3rd. the url must be:
change it to:

4rth. You are done! You have shelled the site!


Bugtraq File Upload Vulnerability

1. Open Google.com and type this dork

intitle:"QuiXplorer 2.3 - the QuiX project"
2. You'll see a lot of sites, some big websites are vulnerable too

select any website from search results

3. Vulnerablity:

4. After Going to this you will see a file manager and you can upload your files there

5. find this edit file create file etc icons in page and click on last, the upload option


PhUploader Upload Vulnerability

Google Dork :
intitle:Powered By phUploader
Go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and enter this Dork, see each results

1. Select any website and upload your file there.

2. Website will allow you to upload .jpg .png .gif anf .png files only.

3. Anyway you can upload your deface in .jpg or if want to upload a shell then upload as


4. after uploading your file you'll got a message

"Your file(s) have been uploaded!"


Infin8 Upload Vulnerability

1. Got to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2. Search this dork:
allinsite:design-your-own-stamp filetype:php
3. Find a website and upload your image defacement or shell.php.jpg

4. Your file will be uploaded here:


 Wordpress fckeditor Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability

1. Go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2. Paste this dork:
3. Choose a website and browser to
4. Now open browser.html and you are in a web based file manager!

Credits to the original Author Very Happy

Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest
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Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD)   Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 7:40 am

Thanks for this! i have a new exploit now Smile
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Upload Vulnerabilites (MEGA THREAD)
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