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 How to shell a targeted server [Tutorial]

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PostSubject: How to shell a targeted server [Tutorial]   Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:21 am

1.) Is to get your targets server I.P address. (open cmd and ping target.com to get your targets server I.P Address)

2.) Once you get your targets real server I.P, go to
3.) In the search box, search ip:[targets I.P server]
Example: My target is Google and Google's server is
So in bing search box, I put ip:
Once done, Click search
Now you will see many results if the server has more sites on the same server.
To shell it, you can use normal dorks such as .php?id= for SQL Injection Vul. websites.
So it would be like
ip: .php?id=
This method might be old, but its still works as gold
I hope it helps

Credits to 1337

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How to shell a targeted server [Tutorial]
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